Explore our comprehensive digital catalog of 500+ highly-curated extracurricular activities. These are pre-vetted and have been thoughtfully selected based on their quality and potential impact for college admissions.

Whether you are looking for an opportunity to strengthen your skills in a particular subject, explore a passion in more depth, engage in meaningful service work, study abroad, or obtain some real-world experience in a career that interests you, Discover+ is your one-stop-shop for finding high-impact, perfect-fit activities, including many that you didn’t even know exist.

For guidance in honing in on the best experiential learning opportunities for you, reach out for a complimentary consultation with one of our advisors.


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Discover+ features a highly-customizable filtering tool which allows for increasingly refined and tailored searches based on eligibility, deadlines, cost, desired field, location, duration, and timing. You can explore using broader disciplines (i.e. STEM, humanities, or social justice/activism) and by a wide variety of subfields (i.e. entrepreneurship, journalism, Model UN, chemical engineering, philosophy, or dance).

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Detailed program information

Each opportunity profile page provides comprehensive information at-a-glance, including in-depth descriptions of the opportunity, alongside detailed information about sponsoring institutions, eligibility and application requirements, financial aid, and notification dates, so you can determine quickly whether or not an opportunity is right for you.

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When you create a free user profile, Discover+ doubles as a convenient activity planning tool and tracker by allowing you to save custom searches and favorited opportunities, and also to receive email updates about programs of interest.

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