Grades 9-11

Students can begin to explore future college plans in the beginning of freshman year. By this, we do not mean filling out applications three years in advance but rather strategically taking advantage of all of the opportunities available throughout high school in order to build a strong candidacy for college admission. We encourage students to follow their deepest passions while also considering their impact. These are crucial years ahead of the application process and our team of experts will provide direction and the utmost support along each step of the way, allowing students to transform passions into the “wow factor” they will need to impress admissions officers at top institutions. With a carefully constructed candidacy, students will be well prepared for the college admissions process long before the official college application process begins in senior year.

Beyond consulting with students closely on their activities, we provide guidance to help accentuate the leadership qualities of students and work to refine their research skills and academic abilities. Our academic support team is available to help students in various subjects ranging from AP Bio to Art History and everything in between. We focus not only on improving the academic results of our students but also reinforcing a positive and enjoyable educational experience that extends beyond just letter grades and test scores. We understand the potential stress factors that come with entering the high school years, and with our deep background in working with students, we can help build students’ self-confidence while simultaneously helping them achieve their goals.