Middle School

Middle school is an important time for students to build strong skills and habits and set the foundation for their learning in high school. AtomicMind’s tutors and mentors will help students develop the mindset to build relationships and develop a strong love of learning that will allow them to rise to any occasion. We believe in the value of the process on the path to excellence. Our mentors work closely with students to identify their specific needs and further develop their natural strengths and abilities, coach them on academic skills and extracurricular achievement, and help them cultivate their own unique passions and potential. Our services provide focused, one-on-one sessions customized to suit individual learning styles, personalities, and, where relevant, learning differences. We strive to facilitate curiosity, creativity, courage, organization, and confidence and to foster within our students a sense of purpose, a thirst for knowledge, and an enthusiasm for pursuing new and unusual opportunities. Our middle school students are tomorrow’s leaders, and we are committed to helping them establish the skills and habits they’ll need to succeed as their academic challenges rise.