The AtomicMind Advantage

Why Atomicmind?

At AtomicMind, our focus is on ensuring that our students get into not only top schools but also the top schools for them, where they will flourish academically and personally. We have a proven track record of accomplishing this goal, with 99% of our students getting accepted by at least one of their top three schools, including the Ivies, MIT, Stanford, Georgetown, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, and other highly selective institutions.

We get results

Top 50 National CollegesCollege's Acceptance RateAtomicMind's Acceptance RateAtomicMind Advantage
Boston College26%63%2.4x
Boston University20%83%4.2x
Brandeis University34%100%2.9x
Brown University8%60%7.5x
Carnegie Mellon University17%80%4.7x
Case Western Reserve University30%100%3.3x
Columbia University6%92%15.3x
Cornell University11%75%6.8x
Dartmouth College9%50%5.6x
Duke University8%67%8.4x
Emory University19%89%4.7x
Florida State University32%100%3.1x
Georgetown University17%50%2.9x
Georgia Institute of Technology 21%75%3.6x
Harvard University4%100%25.0x
Johns Hopkins University9%100%11.1x
Lehigh University25%100%4.0x
Northeastern University20%60%3.0x
Northwestern University9%100%11.1x
Ohio State University68%100%1.5x
Pepperdine University33%80%2.4x
Princeton University6%83%13.8x
Purdue University30%100%3.3x
Rice University11%100%9.1x
Stanford University5%50%10.0x
Tufts University16%48%3.0x
Tulane University11%100%9.1x
UC Berkeley18%60%3.3x
UC Davis46%100%2.2x
UC Irvine30%100%3.3x
UC San Diego38%100%2.6x
UC Santa Barbara37%100%2.7x
UNC Chapel Hill24%30%1.3x
University of Chicago7%81%11.6x
University of Florida31%100%3.2x
University of Georgia46%100%2.2x
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign63%100%1.6x
University of Michigan26%53%2.0x
University of Notre Dame19%100%5.3x
University of Pennsylvania9%62%6.9x
University of Rochester35%100%2.9x
University of Texas at Austin32%100%3.1x
University of Virginia23%40%1.7x
University of Wisconsin Madison49%100%2.0x
Vanderbilt University12%100%8.3x
Villanova University31%100%3.2x
Wake Forest32%100%3.1x
Washington University in St. Louis16%80%5.0x
William & Mary42%100%2.4x
Yale University7%86%12.3x