Grades 9-11


Students who begin working with us early in their academic careers gain self-knowledge and an advantage in the admissions process. We work with students to leverage their passions and explore new interests to develop their high school resumes through distinctive community service, unusual extracurricular and research opportunities, and participation in competitions across the arts and sciences.

Our process

Holistic and Individualized Development

We focus not only on improving the academic outcomes of our students but also fostering intellectual curiosity, a sense of ambition, and a genuine love of learning. We are committed to helping students realize their best selves so they may successfully pursue ambitious goals.

Designated Advisors

Each student works with a dedicated Head Advisor to collaborate on a plan and execution strategy that invites them to reach their fullest potential. The Head Advisor will bring Academic and Extracurricular Specialists into the fold as needed.

Team of Specialists

Specialists support students in various endeavors ranging from academic coursework to test prep to debate coaching and everything in between. These are crucial years ahead of the application process and our team of experts will provide direction and tailored support each step of the way.

Why AtomicMind?

Years of experience

Our team of specialists are located around the world and are experts in their chosen fields. These talented educators work with students to create individualized lesson plans tailored to each students’ needs that ensure academic success.

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Grow+ Platform

AtomicMind’s commitment to students’ success through the critical high school years includes Grow+, the online companion for students and tutors. Keep track of notes, tasks, and files for all courses, sync your calendar to help manage your schedule, and schedule one-on-one video conferences with your team of specialists to stay focused on your goals.

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